About Andrés

This space exists as a result of my somewhat lousy memory which is another way of saying that I just do way too much stuff and then forget a huge portion of the things I do.

So, there you go, we’ve got a blog listing or explaining geeky things I’ve done (and will probably forget unless written down), random thoughts or just whatever I feel like posting.

Anyways, do feel free to take a look around and contact me if you feel like doing so!



Call me old-fashioned, but the easiest —and preferred— way to contact me is just to write me at: contact@evilham.com.


If you prefer it or you have to use ciphered communication, visit the PGP section.

[m] Matrix

Matrix is a descentralised communication protocol, even if it is somewhat young, it has a lot of potential and solves issues in previous attempts. You can find me at @evilham.com:unchat.cat.


So, «what’s your favourite film?» is a question for which I have truly no answer. Having seen lots of films I can’t manage to decide on just one film as a favourite. The sad part is that when asked to list good films, I also fail to do so :), lousy memory at its maximum expression. As that happens with books, music and other things as well, I thought it’d be a nice thing to start by setting up a: Memorable films list.