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Active projects


eXO is an associative ISP in Barcelona, which is very dear to me and operates my Fiber To The Home internet connection (see how I run my router!). It stands for the expansion of the Open Network (Xarxa Oberta!) and fosters with its projects universal internet access and ethically operated digital services.

We are a small team and collective, that manages to get organised and carry out big tasks in a mostly volunteer fashion. For instance, the infrastructure is highly available, and we have managed to perform a physical datacenter migration and change carriers with minimal incidents.

The association is part of the guifi.net ecosystem and as such, we partake in knowledge sharing sessions with the broader community, such as SAX and guifilabs.

As the current Schatzmeister (or treasurer, if you are not into German!), I help with many things behind the scenes as well as other more “traditionally technical” tasks, like helping with architectural decisions and code contributions.

Amongst the most visible tasks I have big role in are maintaining and operating the association’s Authoritative DNS servers, the code forge itself along with the associated CI/Continuous Integration, and the community Agora/Discourse, Jitsi and BigBlueButton instances.


Literally: “a cat (French) dot cat”. Or, in Catalan: “A chat .cat” (.cat being the language TLD).

This is a digital home to me and my inner circle with services like: Email, web, gemini, Matrix (including fork of Element for android with improved privacy), along with file hosting and a myriad of other services.


I participate actively in the FreeBSD community, either on the mailing lists or bug tracker, or submitting/testing/reviewing patches to the ports or base trees.

Authored software

These are some recent-ish pieces of self-contained software that I know are being useful to people and entities I am not directly involved with.


A lektor plugin for dual-generation of web and Gemini (read this on Gemini!).


A lektor plugin to facilitate editing and publishing of lektor-based webpages, by non-technical users.


A buildbot plugin that enables Phorge/Phabricator Harbor hooks.

This basically enables usage of buildbot as a CI for Phorge/Phabricator.


A self-hostable status webpage that uses Prometheus alerts to create and maintain service status and incident tracking / customer information flow. The idea and implementation were done in tandem with kamila, this is a project I am looking forward to revive and deploy for eXO and other ISPs.

Other contributions

What can’t be shown

Sadly, not always everything happens in public and in the open, here are some things you’ll have to (mostly) take my word for:

  • I LISP
  • I do MVVM with WPF and C#
  • UX and UI are quite important to me, and I can approach them systematically
  • Know tons of Computer Graphics details, being a maths geek helps!
  • Administer monitoring, services and servers for ManyAnEntity/Human
  • I know AutoCAD® and Revit® Software ins and outs, from a developer’s perspective