Arreglando pifias web con Greasemonkey


A molts webs, particularment els de les administracions és evident que les coses es dissenyen perquè siguin pràctiques per qui les desenvolupa (teòricament més barat) i no pas per qui les utilitza (major utilitat).

Una cosa que no es coneix gaire, és que molt sovint podem afegir les nostres personalitzacions a sobre per arreglar aquestes pífies.

Aquí veurem un exemple del portal de notes de la Generalitat de Catalunya, es diu Esfer@.

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FreeBSD: IPv6 en jail con VNET


Fellow human @LeJax@bsd.network has been trying to setup IPv6-enabled VNET Jails in FreeBSD.

This, turns out, can be a bit frustrating, because all the tools are there, but the tricks are not widely documented.

In an attempt to fix that, I am going to document all the tricks and sources I have found (and remember) that were necessary until I got a working and reproducible setup. Hopefully this will not only help LeJax, but also it will review my notes and allow them (or someone else) to prepare a nice general-use write up on this topic that might be useful to others.

I use cdist and iocage extensively, but the general tricks should be valid without any or either of those.

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Carta de Rainer Maria Rilke a Friedrich Westhoff


Putting this here because of its overall quality, significance and for easy future access.

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